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Brand activation

Creating your consumers’ preference through brand activation.

Every day, we get exposed to thousands of commercial messages. Flow TV is falling, and ad-blocking has taken its’ toll on digital channels. Consumers value how they spend their time, which results in a low commercial-trust. Your brand’s biggest challenge today, is the fight for your consumer’s attention.

If time is the most valuable thing to a consumer, how do you, as a brand, get a breakthrough? Studies show, that one brand-involvement stands out much more, than countless brand-exposures. If you can create experiences and relevant content in the right context, it is possible to get the skeptical consumers to talk.

For this purpose, brand activation is an effective path, since brand activation is about building an emotional connection between brand and consumer, through involvement and experiences.

An effective brand activation is built upon your brand’s capacity and DNA, as your brand is part of a big, strategic act across earned, owned and payed channels. In connection to this fact, we make sure that the activation is linked to the communicative act as a whole, both online and offline, and not just as a single event.

The way to conquer the hearts of the consumers and gain more costumers, is through brand activation. If you can create a credible experience surrounding your brand, you will achieve a unique market position, creating interest, preference and loyalty in exchange.

At Essencius, we believe in strong storylines and we are specialized in brand activation, adding value to both consumer, brand and media.

When we work with brand activation, we also introduce our other key services, when we seek to create a consumer-preference to your brand or product:

  • Public Relations
  • Content marketing
  • Experimental marketing
  • Social media
  • Influencer marketing
  • Augmented Reality


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