People Archive - Essencius

June 2023

Sara Eklund

Swedish Consultant Swedish-speaking student from Finland. Specializing in communication and social media in Sweden.

May 2023

Walther Larsen

Digital & Social Media Specialist Specializing in digital strategy and social media.

April 2023

September 2022

Madeleine Malling Breen

Digital & Social Media Assistent Specialized in Norwegian digital- and social media. Originally from Norway but is settled at Nørrebro. Interested in the art of communication and trends., tlf. +47 99 27 87 92

May 2022

Mathias Thibault Nielsen

Project manager Competent in the field of project management, customer contact and deadlines. An extrovert basketball player who is always ready to arrange the next social event at the office. , tlf. +45 53 [...]

Tina Banzhaf

Senior Consultant Specialized in the field of strategic communication, concept development and the ability to have an “outside-in approach”. A problem-solving- and ideal sparring partner. , tlf. +45 27 64 72 03

Mathilde Lerhøj

Communication Student Assistent Specialized in PR, branding and writing. Proofreading is the main talent. Loves living in the city and is what you can call a real ‘Copenhagen-girl’. , tlf. +45 21 54 59 [...]

Lukas Vinum

Communication Consultant Specialized in authentic communication and PR, primarily with a focus on lifestyle. A creative soul who is always up to date with the newest trends. Can always be found at concerts or at [...]

June 2021

Sofie Jacobsen Lockhart

Senior Consultant Doing its best in brand building, proactive PR, strategic communication and project management. Always shares her good mood and are always ready for a good conversation., tlf. +45 26 14 13 22

November 2018

Katrine Lund Kristensen

Art Director Especially skilled with graphic design and visual communication. Humour-bomb with amazing photoshop skills., tlf. +45 26 11 45 67