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"The taste of Denmark”

An integrated communication concept that manifests Aalborg Akvavit as the akvavit brand preferred by the Danish people. The concept succeeded in improving the brand’s market position as well as its sales connected to PR- and earned media, influencer marketing, SoMe and design.


Reach of more than


The brand Aalborg Akvavit simply defines the Danish cultural heritage. The Danes have enjoyed the bittersweet-tasting liquid since the year 1849, and the little shot has become a truly integrated part of every traditional Danish lunch. 

Still, in recent years Aalborg Akvavit has experienced challenges in the market. This is due to a rise in the number of competitors as well as to the Danes’ changed food- and liquor habits. 

Luckily, we solved this challenge by developing the concept, “The taste of Denmark”.  

Aalborg Akvavit isn’t just for those who enjoy a simple taste – Aalborg Akvavit is simply the taste of Denmark! 

A focus on local goods puts Aalborg Akvavit on the map

The strategy was simple. Through trustworthy and reliable communication, we delivered our message to citizens all over the nation in a way that touched both their minds and hearts. PR and Influencer Marketing were chosen as the main stakeholders of the campaign and as a result of their work the campaign succeeded in representing the taste of Denmark. 

We built a bridge of communication between PR and carefully chosen local food influencers, and started off the campaign by asking the question:  


Total influencer reach: + 1.300.000

The influencers loved the campaign and provided in total 182 percent of free content

28,8 percent higher reach than predicted in Woomio

The conversation was dynamic, filled with excitement, passion and energy. The taste of Aalborg Akvavit was enjoyed to the fullest, as it was presented in the combination of new and tasty dishes  

“The taste of Denmark” was construed differently in all the Danish regions. The different interpretations lead to just as many different definitions of “The taste of Denmark”, for example: 

The West Jutland hotdog 

Bornholm herring salad a la “Sol over Gudhjem” 

A luxurious North Jutland potato dish 

Truffles in Central Jutland style 

Sandwich with Funen smoked cheese salad 


… And several of other delicious delights! 

From influencer content to massive national press coverage

The influencers different interpretations of what defines “The taste of Denmark” was the big take-off for generating massive regional and local press coverage. By creating press coverage, we succeeded at branding Aalborg Akvavit nationwide and entrenching Aalborg Akvavit locally. 

More than 175 press releases

Core message represented in more than +95 press releases

We reached more than 1.400.000 readers

From digital to analogue

Recipes and recommendations were posted and shared, and in the end the campaign culminated in nothing less than a limited-edition Aalborg Akvavit book. The book consists of recipes, Danish history, and insights as well as carefully selected recommendations of ways to enjoy Aalborg Akvavit.  

Social media reach: 11.000.000

Organic reach: 700.000

Paid social CPM: 38,31 kr.

From Macro til Micro

Snaps are meant to be enjoyed in the company of food. When you’re nipping a shot while eating, not only the taste of liquor is heightened – so are the taste nuances of your food.  

Our job was to teach the Danish people this golden rule, and that’s why we invented the simple string of words: ‘Eat, nip, enjoy’.  

In cooperation with 30 micro-influencers from all over the country, we created a nationwide focus on snaps as a drinking ritual  

This resulted in 9 Instagram posts and 31 stories, with a total reach of 21.899 and an engagement of 1437.