Anthon Berg | Brand Activation Campaign

Anthon Berg – Kissing Flash Mob


With the launch of their new ‘Sweet Moments’ chocolates, Anthon Berg wanted to celebrate the small things in life – as well as love. Essencius had to find a way to create an echo from the small, romantic chocolate treats on social media.


Shortly before Valentine’s Day, 70 people shared a sweet moment with their partner in the metro in Copenhagen. The couples started kissing and the flash mob began. Besides the astonished morning passengers, photographers and camera crews were also on board the metro, and shortly thereafter, the romantic metro ride was ready to be shared on Facebook.


In 24 hours Anthon Berg got more than 2.000 engagements on their Facebook page, and within 72 hours more than 27.000 organic views and 3.500 engagements in total. The Kissing Flash Mob was replayed 80.000+ times online, and the story was published in more than 126 different media. It showed what a “Sweet Moment” is, both to the customer, to the romantic voyeur online, and to the agency behind the campaign.


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