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For almost ten years, Toms has worked towards complete traceability for their cocoa production to ensure that it is produced under good, sustainable conditions for the farmers and their families. Furthermore, the chocolate manufacturer has developed a special method for improving the cocoa taste. Our challenge was to narrate this complex story about a beloved product to an audience that want to be enlightened, but still chose chocolate based on taste, price and quality.


We created a stamp, decorated with an infinity symbol shaped as a QR-code. In that way, we visualized traceability as the eternal journey towards a better world, while also transforming the complexity of it into an accessible source of new knowledge. The stamp tells us that a conscious choice makes a difference, when it comes to both taste and sustainability.


Not only did we create a spot-on visual identity for Toms CSR, we also made a fact-heavy story more accessible. We used infographics to show how the chocolate was produced. It became visible, that great taste led to more schools, more teachers, and more students, and even to IT-centers for the cocoa farmers. And it became very close to our hearts to signal, that a CSR policy can create respect for cultural differences, traditions and for the world, that we live in.

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