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As a creative event agency, we create brand recommendations thorugh experiences and events that lead to sales.

We have the expertise and enthusiasm that makes your brand memorable and ensures that you stand out from the crowd and reach the target group’s wallet. We are a creative event agency and we base all events on the insights of your objectives and your target group’s behaviour. We know that events are useful in terms of sales and loyalty, and we understand that PR, social media and creative content on your owned channels ensure an integrated campaign that lives long after the event itself.

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Millennials and Generation Z want experiences

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has long been fulfilled and consumers – especially millennials and Generation Z – want experiences, events, memories and togetherness with their favourite brands. Classic advertising and marketing are becoming less effective. It is costly and consumers avoid it when they can. It is done through ad blockers, the Robinson list and ‘Commercials – no thank you’ signs. The consumer skips the ad as soon as possible on both websites and in YouTube videos. In Denmark alone, it is estimated that 60% use ad blockers on at least one of their devices.

Complement your marketing mix with assets a creative event agency can contribute with; loyalty and branding love that increase your bottom line.

Creative event agency that increases sales

With a creative event agency as your marketing partner, you will have the opportunity to benefit from the international research and experience we have.

We have created and executed several events for Coca-ColaPandoraAnthon Berg and Orkla. And events are useful – both right now and in the long run.

International data shows that:


of participants in an event have a positive experience and opinion about the brand after the event


of consumers post about their event experiences on their own social media profiles


believe that events give them a better understanding of a brand or service, which is far higher than e.g. TV commercials


are more interested in buying the product or brand after an event


of consumers have become regular brand customers after an event