Corporate Communication - Essencius


The communication strategy supports the company’s business strategy

At Essencius we use the Corpsumer Communication approach as our primary approach when it comes to Corporate Communications. No brand is able to deliver its product independently of its parent company, and every parent company must take responsibility for every single one of its brands, its employees and additional stakeholders – especially the consumers and their expectations are of great importance. 

We help creating your company’s overall reputation and ensure a communication strategy that fits your company’s internal as well as its external reputation. The communication strategy will be designed to support your company’s business strategy. It is created as a total platform for working with both brand communication, internal communication, employee branding and the CSR-area. Besides that, it is used as the framework for dealing with Issues- and Crisis Management. 

A good Corporate-Communications strategy gives your company a unified narrative. Also, it works as a simple and useful guide for everyone who works with your company’s communications.