Issue Management | Communication with the press & stakeholders


When your brand is challenged, we help you communicate with journalists, consumers and stakeholders

Issues management and crisis management are related, but different disciplines. Issues management done well can prevent crisis management.

Issues management is a strategic tool to change or maintain the reputation and perception of brands and companies. Issues management is to assess and actively resolve policy and communications issues that can negatively affect the public’s perception of your brand or company. Essencius will help you identify and map sensitive issues, measure your current position on the issue, determine a strategic position and options for action.

See two of our issues management clients


In close cooperation with Grayling and Nordic lead Narva we assisted Thai Union, #1 global supplier of canned tuna, to navigate issues such as traceability, sustainability and wildlife preservation.


Denmark’s leading sports retailer that has + 80 shops across the country. We assisted the company by mapping and addressing consumer concerns related to shopping and Covid19

When the crisis hit

Crisis management is different. Unlike issues, a crisis is a current threat to a company’s reputation. A crisis is unpredictable – events that require an immediate reaction – a tsunami, corona virus, a sudden serious supply chain break-down or a large-scale product error. You do not know when it hits.

Any issue can escalate to a crisis extremely fast. Our PR-team is ready to assist you with ongoing issues management. We offer quick, targeted hands on crisis management including a comprehensive crisis PR-plan, crisis mitigation, liason with stakeholders, media training, media contact, management of you social media channels and 24-7 media monitoring.

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