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Enter the scandinavian market with us

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Global companies are a rarity in the long history of business that only began to be possible in the 1600s. Now, global brands are the gold standard of success. The pinnacle of any industry is if they become recognizable across the world.

But, not even the biggest or oldest companies are able to achieve this without a little inside help. Today, we’ll talk about a project wherein we helped a global appliance company enter the Danish market.

Unfortunately, we can’t go into specific details regarding the project, but we can share the client’s Clutch review of their experience with us where they gave us five stars:

clutch review coca-cola

This review also puts us on the path to be found on the Manifest and gain the recognition of being one of the best PR firms.

Basically, they gave us responsibility over their media and PR work, wherein we provided ideas on how they can most effectively increase their brand’s awareness in the country. We set aside different plans for communication briefs, influencer marketing, press releases, and blog posts.

For larger campaigns, the company provided us with a PR brief listing the various goals they want to achieve. These included the tone of the campaign, the metrics they wanted to hit, and the preferred takeaways that the audience will get from it.

From there, we take all the notes and translate them to become more attuned at the local level.

The key to the success of this project is effectively using our team’s knowledge of the current local marketing situation. Without this insight, even the most bankrolled marketing campaigns run a high risk of failing.

Every global brand needs a local team to take their general ideas and make it fit the tastes of the people they’re trying to reach. Local culture is a complex beast wherever you go, and the only way of truly understanding it is to grow up with it. This is why we were the best team to partner with for this project.

Many companies have tried to make their mark on Denmark. But only the ones that call us first have a chance of making it work. That’s why you should choose Essencius as your PR partner for any campaigns within the country.

Contact us today and we’ll make sure that your message reaches the Danish public as clearly as possible.

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