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The way to win the consumer's heart

Most of us have that one story. The bedtime story that our parents told us when we were kids, and now – many years later – we still remember its course of action and can recall exactly how it made us feel. It is simply stuck to our brains as if it was glue 

The thing is: we all love a good story, and consumers are no exception. A good story is simply the perfect way to upgrade your brand. As a creative and ambitious communication agency, let us guide you in the creative process of developing the right storytelling for your brand. By adding the right storytelling to your brand, you’re able to create interest, curiosity, and emotions needed for your message to stick with the consumers. Good and strong storytelling is simply the best way to a consumer’s heart and loyalty – and a loyal customer will always choose your brand over your competitor’s brand. Read along and learn how to create the perfect storytelling. Storytelling is just as memorable as the bedtime stories we were told as kids. 

What makes storytelling the perfect branding tool?

Generally, we are as consumers getting more judicious and aware when we buy new products. When we buy a product, functionality is our greatest demand. But it is not the only one. Also, the brand and the product must – to a far greater extent than before – reflect our values and attitudes. 

The Stanford Graduate School of Business has done a global/international inquiry on the effect of good storytelling. It showed that 90% of the respondents agreed with the fact that they are more likely to buy products from a brand that represents the same values as the customers have for themselves. Therefore, brands can no longer just be ‘for fun, cool, or purposive. They must represent values.  

Creating the connection between brand, product and values is exactly what storytelling is all about – and its effect cannot be overlooked! 

The Stanford study also shows how storytelling affects consumers’ behavior on three parameters: 

  • 55% are more likely to buy a product when they ‘love’ a brand’s storytelling
  • 44% would share a brands storytelling if they ‘love’ it
  • 15% says that they will buy a brand right away, if its storytelling matches

Also, a remarkable result is that 85% of the respondents answered that they couldn’t think of a single memorable brand story. Therefore, if you manage to create storytelling that the consumers remember, you have a head start over your competitors. 

Here you can find one of our storytelling examples – the campaign calledOne Coca-cola for a kiss’: 

Use storytelling as a part of your marketing strategy

All brands have a story and if it is told right, it can make your brand memorable. Using storytelling as a part of your marketing strategy is all about finding your heart story and making it an active part of your branding.

A good story is never out of style, and some stories will always be honored and remembered.

If you’re now thinking about how to make your brand’s story one to remember, you can check out Harvard Business and Stanford Business’ insight pages. That is, while you think about something as exciting as cortisol, dopamine, and oxytocin. The hormones, which is released in the brain when reading a good story.  

At Essencius we have many years of experience with helping brands find their personal stories, and creating stories for you to make your own. If you and your brand need help getting started with the magic of storytelling, reach out here – or to Brian Orland at +45 51 51 19 30 or send an e-mail: 


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