Graphic design that strengthens communication & branding


Graphic design enhances your overall communication, provides visual life and gives your brand the style it deserves.

We solve many types of design tasks. It is your need, your brand’s story and the target group’s media choices that determine what and how much is needed.

We can provide a completely new brand identity, design for your website, images for your social media channels, and we can layout your annual report or style your upcoming event for your target audience. And of course, we can also help you with the graphic design of posters, packaging, brochures, TV commercials, website and facade signs.

See two of our design cases

Good graphic design requires thorough research

For a piece of design work to be well targeted and successful, research and analysis must be done before the first graphic elements are created. Good research shows which design works best for the target audience you need to communicate with and what lies within your brand’s design guide, visual history and what graphic space or expression your competitors are using.

Basically, graphic design is about creating a cohesive visual identity that is recognizable to everyone in your target audience. No matter where and when they meet your brand or company.

We can create the right style for Coca-Cola as well as the local physiotherapist

We love our work and like to be challenged in both major projects for well-known international brands such as Coca-Cola as well as for the local physiotherapist.

You can see examples of how we work with graphic design and styling in many of our cases here on the site. For example, the big visual project at Copenhagen Culture Night for Coca-Cola, where the historic Axelborg building was turned into an impressive, colour-splashing factory that gave out Coca-Cola to the guests. Or take a look at the almost hypnotic kaleidoscopes we created for FuzeTea when launching the brand in Denmark.

See two of our design cases