PR-agency | Brand’s reputation and credibility


As a PR-agency we work with image, perception and credibility. Media coverage is one of the building blocks.

Public Relations (PR) is a broad and complex discipline that consists of more than just media coverage, media surveillance and media relations.

It also deals with managing issues and crises that affect you, your brand, your business or an industry. Strategic PR is about creating efforts that have the best impact on your overall reputation and credibility – and thus on consumers’ desire to choose your brand.

As public relations agency, we therefore collaborate with big and small influencers, celebrities and researchers.

B2B or B2C?

We help companies and brands targetting consumers as well as businesses – decisionmakers,CEOs, CIOs, CFOs,owners etc. No matter who you are communicating with your communication needs to be clear, targetted and relevant. We love the challenge of communicating with professionals and we pride ourselves in learning and understanding the business parameters that drives different sectors.

PR agency in a developing industry

The media is developing at a rapid pace and publishing at an equally hectic pace. It used to be possible to reach a large part of the population through just a few media platforms, but things are remarkably different today. The consumers’ media behaviour is fragmented, which makes your communication with the external environment rather demanding. Every media, every podcast, every vlog has its own focus and needs to be handled with targeted communication. We can help you with that.

Communication strategy and storytelling

PR is basically about maintaining or building a reputation. A reputation is created based on the sum of words, perceptions and activities about and from you, as well as the behaviour of your competitors. All in all, this creates an agenda – and with Essencius by your side, we can influence that agenda together.

Every day the media is bombarded with press releases about new products and services or exciting new collaborations. Getting the attention of journalists and influencers and thereby reaching consumers requires in-depth knowledge of how they work and what they prioritize. As a PR agency, we have that insight.

PR and marketing

We specialize in marketing PR, where products or campaigns are in focus – in media coverage, events, SoMe and digital media. With clear messages and insight into your brand, we create stories that journalists, bloggers, influencers and consumers want to turn into their own stories. Stories that increase awareness and lead to sales. As your PR agency, we establish knowledge and dialogue to support your brand. 

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