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Climate – Sustainability – Accountability

Would consumers choose your brand to help them change the world?

Climate, sustainability and corporate responsibility increasingly influence how consumers choose brands and products and how employees choose a company. Several companies focus on employer branding to retain and attract the most skilled employees. And still more consumers request that brands to do something extra for the climate, that brands are sustainable and accountable.

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Help consumers chose

As your purpose marketing agency, we dive deep to strengthen your business profile. We look at your existing initiatives and guide you on future initiatives.

We work with you on your WHY, while also creating a visionary and ambitious HOW.

As your purpose marketing agency, we ensure that your brand helps the consumer make the right choices so that your brand becomes the consumer’s favorite. To hold that position your production and consumers consumption of your product must be visionary and sustainable.  It’s not only about consuming, but about consuming better.

Better consumption

Climate, sustainability and accountability is top of mind for consumers and their desire to act and shop with consideration for the climate is creating a major paradigm shift in marketing. Marketing is no longer just about getting the target group to consume more, but about getting them to consume better.

As your purpose marketing agency, we market your climate-conscious brand and business, and make your brand have the first call advantage with the conscious consumers.

We will help you develop and convey how and why your business and brand can make a difference and how you can be serious about climate, sustainability and accountability.

We install the future into your brand

As your purpose marketing agency, we take a step further and get involved in your production and supply process, forcing you to look ahead. We want to be part of your product development and help you look both inwards  out outwards to optimize your brand.

You could for example: Recycle existing materials when developing new products? What type of packaging is used? Can you create products with a longer life or an ‘after life’? Can your product be repaired or returned, included in a circular ecosystem? Do you work with the UN’s 17 World Goals?

We create an honest credible brand story and ensure a transparency that makes it easier for the consumer to find you and make the right choice when they want to consume with consideration for climate, sustainability and accountability.

We help you make it easy, fun, inspiring and trendy to have a lifestyle that does not harm the climate, the environment, animals and people.

Three reasons to communicate sustainability

Consumers are willing to pay more for sustainability and accountability.

Studies show that consumers are willing to pay more for sustainability and accountability. Furthermore, the responsible consumer is faithful to a brand that is aware of it´s responsibility and signals that it is always trying to do better.

Be recognized for your focus on climate, sustainability and accountability

Consumers and employees are critical of which brands and companies they want to buy from and be associated with. A strong brand with a clear profile and a good CSR strategy becomes a strong brand.

Be selected for credibility and authenticity

A strong brand with a clear profile in climate, sustainability and accountability must be credible and genuine. We help you to communicate honestly, with foresigth and help you tell about initiatives that have already been or will be made.

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