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As social media agency, we create interactions between you and consumers’ social media platforms.
Your activities on social media should create a foundation for a thriving business. With us as your social media agency, you can choose to use us to produce your content and images or to respond to your fans and followers through active and brand-relevant CRM. Alternatively, you can use us as your strategic advisor for your in-house social media department. It is entirely up to you.

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Credibility under pressure

As active social media agency, we keep an eye on how consumers’ trust in social media is evolving. Fake news, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, “troll factories” etc. are putting credibility under pressure. It has prompted more people to reassess social media and delete their profiles. Yet social media is still the largest and most direct channel for dialogue, interaction and customer service. Distrust and scepticism about content have risen – and your social media agency should help you overcome that.

More than 3 million Danes have private media platforms and spend hours on social media daily. We give you the opportunity to meet consumers and make them want to use and share your content on their own platforms. We do this by offering relevant, creative concepts and incorporating social media as a strategic and natural part of your marketing mix.

Three good reasons to use social media

Build awareness on social media – the biggest media platform of them all

If consumers don’t know your brand, they won’t become your customers either. Using social media to create, enhance and build awareness is still worth the investment, but you need to have a strategy for what you want with your social media channels.

Be recognized for transparency, authenticity and credibility

Consumers are critical of which brands and companies they want to buy from and associate themselves with. Social media channels are great when creating frequent, clear and dialogue-inviting communications about you, your brand and your views. It is appreciated by consumers – and it is something your social media agency must be able to offer you.

Customer service and commitment pay off

Your customers are on social media for hours every day. Make it easy for them to reach you. Whatever it is about usage questions, product complaints or ideas, you should respond and answer. Social media is in fact social. Therefore, you also need to be social – it can pay off and help build a positive reputation. Remember, dialogue leads to understanding.

See two of our social media cases

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