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PR boosts your campaigns

Consumers believe more in editorial stories than advertisements. Therefore, your campaigns should be kicked off with PR. The credibility that editorial coverage gives you and your product is something that you will benefit from through your campaign. As a result, it is much more likely that your sales will increase.

Even though we still love an advertisement if it’s entertaining, inventive and catchy the classic advertisements are outdated. Hence, advertising is not as effective as it used to be. Once it could convince us of a certain quality of a product and we would become new and loyal customers.

Well-executed PR has some of the qualities that classic advertisements has lost. The output of a PR strategy has at least one thing that advertisement don’t have; Credibility.

We believe it is worth the investment to start your campaign with PR – and follow up with both advertisements and influencer marketing.

A strong campaign must start with a good story – a story that is relevant to the target group and interesting for the media. It’s quite simple but nonetheless true.

If you have a good story, your campaign will be stronger. Both volume and effect of the campaign can increase tremendously with clever use of a ‘digital tail’, without spending more money. How is this even possible? The answer is credibility!

European – and Danish – consumers are more likely to believe what is written on additional pages compared to traditional advertisements, whether it is print or digital (according to e.g. EBU and Nielsen). If your campaign is kicked off with a high degree of credibility, i.e. through editorial publicity, you will benefit all the way and most likely result in more sales.

In short, editorial authenticity (and influencer endorsement) will beat the persuasive power of advertisements.

Our scepticism as consumers has entered a new phase. We pay close attention to possible fake news, product placements and other forms of paid media. Our children are even taught how to spot and percolate disinformation and fake news.

Yet, we still have the highest trust in editorial pages. One can easily argue that we are struggling to figure out what is real, unpaid and true. Nevertheless, many consumers are somehow sceptical – which we find to be very positive – and that is worth taking into consideration when you plan your campaign.

Trust and credibility are twp crucial factors in effective marketing – and you can use them efficiently by kicking off your marketing through the most trustworthy channel(s).

As we have started, Consumers still have the highest confidence in editorial media. If you want to gain the consumers’ trust – and retain their money – start your campaign with PR.

Clearly, PR should be followed by influencer endorsement and classic advertisement. No one, not even the best PR consultant, can get a journalist to write three, four or five times about the same pair of jeans, a specific perfume or refrigerator KF77-111. But maybe these products contain at least one good story each, which can lead to editorial publicity? It’s media coverage that should be supplemented with influencer endorsements and classic advertisements. By using these disciplines, you can be sure to reach your target group three, four, five times or more. This way, your target group will be led closer towards buying your product.

The thing is, that when the consumers initially read something as editorial coverage then the following influencer endorsements and advertisements will have higher credibility.

We’ve compiled a guide to help you create successful campaigns.

  1. Identify a good story within your product or campaign. The good story is relevant for both journalists, readers, and consumers. Good stories are often characterized by as being current, essential or sensational. Maybe it’s easy to identify with the story or maybe it contains a conflict? If your story has one or more of these traits, there’s a good chance that journalists will find it interesting and hopefully publish it.
  2. Once your story has been published, you should take advantage of the coverage. Use your own channels to reach more people with your press coverage (if you like the content). Remember to be aware of copyrights and to make a budget on how much you want to spend on advertisements on your posts.
  3. Establish a ‘paid digital tail’ on your brand’s story and your press coverage. You can use any advertising formats and you should consider influencer marketing and take advantage of the credibility it gives your story.

It is our experience that this works. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you would like to discuss how to create successful campaigns.

If you would like to have a talk about PR, call Christina at +45 4055 5306 or write an e-mail to

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