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Influencers inspire your target audience. We find the ones that best match your brand and your target audience.
Influencer marketing is most likely an important part of your marketing mix and communication, especially if your target audience is less than 45 years old. As influencer marketing agency, we collaborate with vloggers, bloggers, style icons, experts, managers, artists or micro-influencers, who in principle can be ‘the neighbour’s daughter’. We identify where your target group look for inspiration, we examine the underlying data on each influencer and gather the knowledge needed to choose the right one(s) to collaborate with as well as the right volume and the right price.

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Data driven influencer marketing agency

As customer, you need your influencer marketing agency to have access to – and make use of – analytics tools that go behind the influencer’s fan base and likes. As brand, you need to be thorough in your background research before embarking on influencer marketing, so you don’t just throw money at the biggest influencers. You need to demand from your influencer marketing agency that they know the precise demographic composition of each influencer’s followers – and that each influencer’s engagement is carefully measured and evaluated.

Trustworthy influencers

Millions of consumers follow influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or on classic blogs. The total reach of influencers is huge, and many consumers listen to and are inspired to make purchases via influencers; more inspired than they are by commercial communications or classic media. Consumers see influencers as more relevant, authentic and trustworthy. 44 % of consumers between 25 and 34 trust what an influencer says about a brand, while only 21 % trust what the brand says about itself.

Experience and negotiation power

Essencius is an experienced influencer marketing agency and we collaborate with influencers on several levels. For some tasks and brands, collaboration is about actual co-creation with influencers, while other tasks are concrete collaborations about distribution of relevant, audience-oriented information. We have great relations with agents, agencies and influencers, and in recent years we have carried out influencer campaigns for Fuze Tea, MDerma, Anthon Berg and YouSee.

See two of our influencer marketing cases

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